by H. was founded in New York, 2013. By the duo designers Henry Lee and Naomi Zhao. They both studied at Parsons School of Design, separately in men and women's fashion. They met in 2013 for professional purpose, and soon realized they share the same vision in clothing design and aesthetics, thus ''by H." was born.

In by H., clothing should play a secondary role in one's style. A piece  being too eye-catching is not a good one. It makes whoever wears it become minor, which violates the meaning of clothe-wearing. Therefore, by H. emphasizes the making of patterns, crafting and materials, not too much on the colors. Using the fabric of fine quality and hand-dyed leather, also overcoming the differences between different genders and ages, body types, by H. aims to assist everyone to feel oneself better in wearing their clothes.

Like the letter "H", it is constructed with two parallel straight lines and connected by a horizontal one in the middle. It can symbolize two opposite sexes, two races or even two contrast values. Through their designs, by H. wishes to connect different concepts between diverse individuals just like the horizontal line inside the letter “H”, to accomplish the status of balance and co-exist.

In their belief, by H. share the same philosophy with the fundamental definition about human; started out as a reassessment of modern trend in fashion, by H. differ itself from other brands. Instead of coming up with seasonal designs all the time, they prefer returning to the raw relation between human and clothing, making it entitled to different owners, and evolve to different levels of depreciation. Eventually, the clothes become the carrier of stories and spirits of one’s own.
If to describe by H. in three words, they would be Unisex, Minimalism and Refined crafting.

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