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March 2013, New York – The founders of PROJECTbyH., Henry Lee and Naomi Zhao, met during their penultimate year at Parsons School of Design. Quickly realizing their mutual taste in clothing, the couple found themselves sharing their philosophical beliefs and almost the entire wardrobe. With this, a seed was planted, and an idea was embodied. After completing their studies at Parsons, the duo used clothing as a medium to break stereotypes, status quo, boundaries of age, gender, race, and other labels as such. The creation of PROJECTbyH. soon followed. Pursuing the ultimate handmade craftsmanship, the founders kept on introspecting the significance and meaning of clothing, beholding the core concept of "human anatomy." PROJECTbyH. emphasized the nature of clothing creation, thus compelling the duo to create garments composed of entirely natural materials made organic and artisanal.


The symbolism of the letter “H” is the key aspect of the philosophy behind PROJECTbyH. Illustrating two parallels or, opposites even, united in the middle. This analogy visualizes PROJECTbyH’s concept of unification, balance, and co-existence.

PROJECTbyH. 由雙人設計師組合 Henry Lee 和 Naomi Zhao 創立於紐約。雖生長於完全不同的環境,且分別就讀男裝和女裝科系,即將畢業的二人於 2013 年在紐約帕森斯學院相遇後,發現彼此對於服裝意義與美學有著強烈的共鳴,並且除了彼此的價值觀不謀而合以外,本就不在意男女裝差異性的二人也可以分享幾乎整個衣櫥,於是便埋下了一個種子,以服裝作為媒介,打破對於年齡、性別、種族等任何標籤的價值觀界線以及既定觀念,尋找服裝創作本質,隨後創辦了品牌 PROJECTbyH. 。以純天然極簡無性別服裝出發,追求極致手作工藝,深入尋找服裝脈絡與本質,以「人體」為核心概念,反思服裝存在之意義,為品牌之初衷與理想。



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