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paper label by PROJECTbyH.

Independent, artisanal, hand-made, genderless designer brand that refuses to involve any artificial material throughout the entire collection.

Each garment is fully handmade in studio with the finest selection of components and fabric. We dedicate to the spirit of composing natural materials only, which includes fabric, buttons, yarn, thread, fusing, and the label as well. 

Fabric and thread /

Tiny plastic from regular clothing threads (polyester sewing threads, what most clothes are made with nowadays) will be washed into the drains flowing into the ocean while we wash our clothes. Therefore, we insist on not only using 100% natural material as the fabric but also true cotton threads for all of our works, to make sure there’s 0% of polyester or any other artificial materials involved. 100% cotton threads are more difficult to work with, but the more innate touch and feel it gives is priceless. 


In order to make a garment, a pattern needs to be drawn first. All of our left-over pattern paper scraps were saved and up cycled in our studio. We shred them into pieces and turn them into the label that comes with the garment. This way, the process of making stays with the final product. Isn’t it nice to have the ‘family’ kept together?


We exclude the use of regular modern fusible, which are composed of polyester and glue. Instead, a special stitching technique is applied to enhance the stiffness of the fabric where it’s needed. 

Opening and closing/

The buttons we use are made from either stone or coconut shells. Metals are eliminated, and so are zippers and hardware as such. 


When it comes to dye, the material has to be natural and carefully selected. Our favorite ingredients are upcycled tea leaves, used coffee grounds, charcoal ink, turmeric, and onion peels.


The leather we use is vegetable-tanned leather which is the byproduct of horse and cow meat, that is sewn and dyed by hand.

Pre wash/

Some pieces have been pre-washed to minimize possible further shrinkage and soften the rigidness the raw material might cause. 

Email /

our space /

Anomi_e Gallery Space

no.91-1, Dahushanzhuang St., Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan

tel / +886 2 2794 9960

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