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Focusing on switching perspectives, re-deconstructing as the way of expression, and changing the regular viewing angle, the "human body" is revealed through a complete one-piece layout from top to bottom, 


Everything is “one”. Values ​​and duality are interpreted accordingly through different perspectives of our own. Things may occur differently if we toggle the mental switch. As above, so below, what we see is part of us as well. 


Even though the root of a tree to us is invisible, it is often the same size as the branches that appear above. Like so, what the eye sees is always the performance of a single perspective. To see the full picture, we will have to switch perspectives to find the whole. What is above is as what is below.


Clothing has always received a fixed and singular viewing perspective from us, humans. Unconsciously and subtly, a collective consciousness of ours is established. This season, we leave the inertia of the horizontal perspective and seek a new creative possibility by looking "vertically". Reflecting PROJECTbyH.’s core concept and pioneered craftsmanship, the thinking and philosophical concepts are shared. 










服裝,一直以來也有著固定的觀賞視角,框架就在這麼不知不覺之中,潛移默化地建立在我們的集體意識之中,而本次的創作與思維脈落,就是在嘗試抽離這「水平視角」的慣性,尋找由上至下或由下至上的創作可能性,進而體現 PROJECTbyH. 核心的服裝哲學與先鋒工藝,分享思維與哲學理念。

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