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 AW23 _ SS24


the division of something conceptually into two opposed
or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided.

Up and down / Front and back / Left and right
Continuously revolving around this core, during which we've experienced numerous diverging paths, ultimately all leading us back around, entering into this loop, following an "invisible hand," constantly moving forward and spinning again.
From one to ten, we've completed the first cycle of beginnings and endings, over the course of ten years we've relentlessly tried and sought to understand ourselves; a decade ago we aspired to break free from binary frameworks, searching for possibilities of transcendence; a decade later we've returned to the starting point, attempting to recognize and examine the significance of ourselves and the journey of these ten years.
FW23 - SS24 PROJECTbyH. Returning to the discussion of duality, yet only exploring it from a purely binary flat perspective, contemplating the carrying capacity of natural textures, employing materials like cotton, linen, silk, and wood, and supplemented with the brush and charcoal dyeing technique, layering works that combine craftsmanship and concept.

上下 / 前後 / 左右
AW23 - SS24 PROJECTbyH. 回到二元的討論,但僅是純粹二元平面視角的探索,去思考天然質地的乘載性,運用棉、麻、絲、木頭等素材,輔以刷炭染製工法,堆疊出工藝與概念結合的作品。
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