Lookbook XII
“Restore 432”

In PROJECTbyH. we aim to restore harmony between humankind and the nature to the distorted world, where people use deformity and exaggeration to fabricate a glimpse of glamours illusion ignoring the harmful effects on the planet and ourselves.

In our attempt to create garments that are responsible for and respectful towards the planet and human body, we strictly follow our own standard on each step of the designing and making the final products.
Some of our discipline includes, but not limiting to:

Our patterns are designed based on anatomical structure and flow of energy to allow wearers of any gender to be and feel comfortable.

For fabric, we source from dependable manufactures using old loom and high quality yarns. The result is well-constructed fabrics that can withstand and communicate with the wearers’ movement and age beautifully through time. This season we are still providing eco-dye option for selected fabrics using recycled coffee ground and tea leaves so it is 100% natural and safe on the skin instead of highly toxic and pollutive chemical dye.

We completely stay away from using anything plastic. Our leather goods are sewn with 100% French Ramie thread; and for garment we sew with 100% cotton thread and developing a stitching technique with the same thread in place of fusing. When garments with regular clothing thread and fusing made of polyester are washed, tiny plastic will be washed into our ocean harming the marine life, and eventually cycling into our bodies.


Each garment is handmade carefully with love by seasoned seam masters in our studio in Taipei. We hope they are worn and cherished by our customers for many, many seasons to come.

Creative Director: Henry Lee / Naomi Zhao

Photographer: Chris Po-Yen Lee

Make-up: Judy Jasmine

Model: Dan Hards