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4/ As Above So Below


​Garment Installation, PROJECTbyH. SS22(2021.)


Centered on the exploration of shifting perspectives, the act of re-deconstruction becomes a form of expression, challenging conventional viewing angles to unveil the essence of the "human body" through a unified, top-to-bottom one-piece layout.

In this realm where everything converges into a singular entity, the dichotomy of values and duality finds multifaceted interpretations through our own varied lenses. With a mere toggle of the mental switch, realities may shift, echoing the timeless axiom: "As above, so below," where the external world mirrors the internal landscape of the self.

Just as the roots of a tree, hidden from sight, mirror the size of the branches above, our perception is often confined to a single viewpoint. To grasp the entirety of the panorama, we must embrace the fluidity of perspectives, transcending the limitations of singular vision. What lies above is intrinsically linked to what lies below.

Traditionally, clothing has been subjected to a fixed, horizontal gaze, fostering a collective consciousness shaped by unconscious biases. This season, however, we embark on a departure from this horizontal inertia, venturing into the realm of "vertical" creativity. Reflecting the core ethos and innovative craftsmanship of PROJECTbyH., we invite exploration of new realms of thought and philosophical discourse.

4/ 如其在上,如其在下


服裝裝置藝術, PROJECTbyH. 2022春夏(2021.)





服裝,一直以來也有著固定的觀賞視角,框架就在這麼不知不覺之中,潛移默化地建立在我們的集體意識之中,而本次的創作與思維脈落,就是在嘗試抽離這「水平視角」的慣性,尋找由上至下或由下至上的創作可能性,進而體現 PROJECTbyH. 核心的服裝哲學與先鋒工藝,分享思維與哲學理念。

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