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Habitually seeing the world with our naked eyes, we have never seen emotions.Buried in the depths, these emotions may at a certain moment, due to the stimulation of the external senses, begin to loosen, peel off, and surface. This process is like when seeing an affecting work of art, we, by feeling resonated by the perceptual energy of it, are purified.


PROJECTbyH. explores the deep-seated emotions in consciousness in the new SS23 season, those that are usually ignored and considered non-existent, but may gradually loosen, dissolve, and then surface at some point.


Using transparent fabrics to express the sensation of skin, emphasizing the possibility of self-discovery and finding a connection with the soul, achieving a gradual emergence from within. The stacking technique echoes the concept of outer skin and flesh, complemented by an experimental technique of hand-splashed charcoal powder, making the work full of layers and unique texture.

This season, materials such as Canadian olive/maple wood buttons, Japanese brass buttons, Turkish pure cotton twill fabric/black denim, and Japanese cotton linen fabric are used to highlight the brand's persistence in details and craftsmanship.


​Modeling: Zito Tseng, Jinting Liao

Photography: Naomi Omio Zhao

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