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Continuing its dedication to sartorial philosophy, PROJECTbyH. unveils its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, characterized by the exclusive use of natural fabrics and unadulterated cotton threads. Eschewing artificial materials such as plastic, zippers, ironing linings, nylon, and polyester, the collection epitomizes a commitment to authenticity. At a technical level, the ongoing challenge from the previous year persists, exemplified by adpting the pure cotton lathe method as a replacement for traditional ironing linings. Here, two layers of cloth are meticulously combined through stitching to fortify structural integrity. Delving into the nuances of human body texture and skeletal framework, PROJECTbyH. advocates for a neutral approach to tailoring, fostering an immersive, back-to-nature sartorial journey.


RE_CONNECT symbolizes a quest for roots, a harmonious bond with the land, nature, and the broader world, facilitating an experiential integration with all facets of existence.


Photography: Chris Po-Yen Lee

Modeling:    趙 小 賢

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