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Put down, release, subtract, and let go…

The AW22 collection extends the introspection that PROJECTbyH. has always been having for clothing philosophy. It is an exploration that combines both life experience and fine craftsmanship. The perspective of this collection is taken back to the origin by reinterpreting the works in the past. Patterns are revised, and new meanings are given. Left-over fabrics that were saved throughout the years of production were up-cycled and patched together to become a new one. Despite that, the entire collection is made of natural materials only, as always, such as cotton, linen, selvage denim, wool, full-fashioned handmade knits, and so on, and finished with natural fabric dyes such as ink, onion wraps, tea leaves, etc.

Art Coordinator & Choreography / Shu-Yi Chou

Original Music  / Yu-Jun Wang

Lighting Design / I-Hua Kao

Dancers / Yujie Wang, Chaojung Wu,  Wanjhen Li,  Siqi Lin, Manting Lin,  Guiting Ke, Pinni Chen, Iwan Yang,  Yachun Yang,  Wenyu Liao, Wanyu Tsai

Stage Manager / Yichin Chang

Master Electrician / Yihsin Chiu

Audio Technical Guide / Shiwei Liu

Audio Technical Assistant/ Yu-Fang Tseng, Ya-Han Chan

Videography / Crazy Family

Photography / Chris Po-Yen Lee

Executive production / Shiru Luo

Production Assistant / Yu-An Jui 

Hair & Makeup /Judy Huang, Chine-Ying Li, Tina Lien, Rosie Yang,  Peko Chang

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