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In the midst of moving forward, transitioning, and transforming, on the muddy path that blurs between states, we use clothing as a way of recording.

Crossing the milestone of our tenth anniversary, PROJECTbyH. continues to delicately depict the essence of creation, building upon the foundation of the previous season‘s tenth-anniversary series. We ponder what the in-between process and transition mean before reaching the next destination of creation, and what emotions and feelings exist in that space, and what significance they hold at this moment.

The new AW24 ”In-Between“ collection by PROJECTbyH. explores various forms and levels of transitions, delving into the interactive relationship between the human body and clothing. We contemplate the spatial and stacking sensations created by different natural materials, utilizing materials such as linen, cotton, and wool, along with various crafting techniques and dyeing methods. Through this, we hope to capture the transformation of the present moment through clothing.

Creative Director / Naomi Zhao; Model / Yutze Yeh; Photography / Dory Yang, Henry Lee; Photography Assistant/ Chris Lee; Editor/ Will Liu 

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