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5/ As Within So Without


Garment Installation, PROJECTbyH. FW22(2022.)

The idea of "Letting go" is different from "giving up". 

It is to have the unnecessary limitation broken down after a series of self-introspection and perspective-changing. 

Through an in-depth exploration and dissection of individual composition. From the inside to the outside, and from the outside back in, the inner and outer self was integrated.

As within, so without.



Up-cycled fabric scraps were carefully patched and sewn together to create a life form. With one side sewn inside-out, the form was split into two,  symbolizing the fixed social and moral frame in duality, to find the connection between human and clothing consciousness. Using complex handmade techniques, powerful creative energies were expressed. By reusing discarded fabrics, and taking the body as a blueprint, the normal inertial perspective is reversed, leading to an alternative way of looking at clothing.

4/ 如其在內,如其在外


服裝裝置藝術, PROJECTbyH. 2022秋冬(2022.)





As within, so without,如其在內,如其在外。







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