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6/ Catharsis


Garment Installation, PROJECTbyH. SS23(2022.)


Habitually seeing the world with our naked eyes, we have never seen emotions.


Buried in the depths, these emotions may at a certain moment, due to the stimulation of the external senses, begin to loosen, peel off, and surface. This process is like when seeing an affecting work of art, we, by feeling resonated by the perceptual energy of it, are purified.




Taking the second skin as the core concept, the one-piece fabric is regarded as an extension of the human body. The inner layer and the outer layer represent man and consciousness, or respectively as “body” and “emotion”. After stacking and experimenting with different clothing techniques, the installation simulates the current state and experience when consciousness is purified through art.

6/ 淨化


服裝裝置藝術, PROJECTbyH. 2023春夏(2022.)








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