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In Spring/ Summer 2022, PROJECTbyH. still maintains all the previous specifications and adherence to craftsmanship. It no longer emphasizes fundamental issues such as environmental protection and sustainability. Instead, it uses the core value of "symbiosis" as the benchmark to find the subtleties between the "human body" and "clothing". The relationship between the deconstruction of traditional and rigid clothing repeatedly outlines, presenting different clothing "perspectives."


For the SS22 collection, we would love to share our unique layout design, coherent one-piece structure, ingenious opening and closing logic, ink and tea dye finishing, split-toed horse leather shoes produced by RIFARE, as well as other interesting and complicated treatments. Moreover, we integrated graphic art into some of the designs by collaborating with artist C7 (Hsin Ching Chang). 

Illustration: C7 Hsin Ching Chang

Photography: Chris Po-Yen Lee

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