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The existence of consciousness is inevitable, so are all the things we experience, in which a sequence and layers of inevitability accumulate each. Because of this, we focus on the certainty of each present, and have found the universes to which we belong.


“0” and “1” are not just programming languages, they are “yin” and “yang”, also the “beginning” and the “end”. The INEVITABLE is the final "1" appearance of "human" ideology, to reflect all the messages in life. Each piece of pattern (the skeleton) , each piece of fabric ( the muscle), and each line (the nervous system), are just like the close integration of our body and mind, the closer we are to the completeness, the closer we are to the “end”.

Lying down could assemble the state of sleep or the state of being dead. Or maybe, the two are actually the same thing. Every consciousness has a “beginning” and inevitably an “end”. We came from “0” and end on “1”.

During the making of this collection, the perspective was redirected to encounter strictness and limits. While the natural dye's uneven effect expresses life's ups and downs, the garment was once again reconstructed to find the true meaning of our reason behind creating and the meaning of clothing itself. It is through making and living in them, the present could be remembered, and the heart is calmed.



0 與 1 不僅僅是程式語言,它是陰陽,也是開始與結束,the INEVITABLE 為「人」意識形態最終”1”的樣貌,去體現生命中夾帶所有的訊息,每個裁片(骨骼)、每塊布料(肌肉)、每條車線(神經),就如同我們身心靈緊密的結合,越是趨近完整,越是靠近終點。




PROJECTbyH. 21秋冬主題 “the INEVITABLE” 是將視角抓進更嚴謹的規範與侷限之中,透過創作去尋找答案,運用天然的染料去表達生命的起與浮,解構重建傳統服裝的既定印象,去探討服裝創作的源頭與初衷,紀念每個當下的樣貌,然後回歸平靜。


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