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2/ Id Uttanasana


Garment Installation, PROJECTbyH. SS21(2020.)

According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, “Id” is one of the three elements of what forms a personality. “Id” is the thought without ideology and represents the original process of thinking. It is innate and the basis of the personality structure.


Uttanasana, taken from Sanskrit, is a symmetrical pose in yoga that can be used to detect asymmetry and imbalance in the front and rear of the body, “ut” means depth, “tan” means stretching, and “asana” means “posture” in yoga.


The original intention of the installation “Id Uttanasana” was to return to the basics, which is to reflect on the subtle connection between clothing and people and to cut in and explore from a macro perspective.


Explaining the “All is one, and one is all '' philosophy of PROJECTbyH. with a concept similar to the ancient Ouroboros, the complex pattern design is used to represent the textures and streaks of the human anatomy. The installation suggests a natural circle of the human body and expresses the oneness of man and the world.


2/ Id Uttanasana


服裝裝置藝術, PROJECTbyH. 2021春夏(2020.)

Id 為心理學家佛洛伊德自我三要素之中的「本我」,本我是在無意識形態下的思想,代表思緒的原始程序,本我為與生俱來的,亦為人格結構的基礎。


Uttanasana 取自梵文,在瑜珈中是一個對稱性的體式,可以用它來發現身體前後的不對稱和不平衡,ut意思是深度的,tan意思是伸展,asana意思是體式。


Id Uttanasana 的初衷希望能返璞歸真,反思服裝與人之間微妙的連結,以整體的宏觀的角度,去切入與探討。


以類似古代銜尾蛇的概念去闡述PROJECTbyH. 對於 "All is one, one is all" 「一為全,全為一」的哲學理念,運用繁複的版型設計呈現肌理線條,創造人體的圓,進而表現人與世界的一體性。



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