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​服 裝 意 識

11.19 - 11.27 [Garment Conscious] 服裝意識展覽

Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan 實踐大學




Humans are the only species that can not live without wearing clothes. 


Clothing was invented by us humans. However, we cannot live without them in the first place. It's an issue similar to the idea of the chicken-and-egg conundrum. The relationship between clothing and humans is obscure and inseparable. 


Most people do not see clothing as an important existence; The rest see it merely as a substance for visual expression. However, the meaning of clothing is just as important as eating, breathing, drinking, and sleeping, which we all have neglected. 


PROJECTbyH., an independent designer brand based in Taiwan, that aims to promote artisanal fashion and craftsmanship, is now exhibiting "Garment Conscious" as a place for depicting clothing concepts through garment installations.










臺灣獨立設計師品牌PROJECTbyH. 致力於推動服裝藝術與工藝的展現,本次「服裝意識 Garment Conscious」即以服裝為概念的藝術裝置展。

About the sequence/


We have always believed that the exploration of consciousness is an experience of "circling back". The past, present, and future come to the same moment. In the beginning of consciousness (Id Uttanasana), we start to understand the notion of “self”, after that, we experience what seems to be destined, the ups and downs of our lives (the INEVITABLE) . And we are keen to search for an origin or thread of where it all began (AS ABOVE, SO BELOW). After reconciling with the self (AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT) , and finally having ourselves cleaned and purified through the awareness from our experiences (CATHARSIS) , we see the non-linear existence of the consciousness. 


About one-piece pattern/

No matter where the cutting began,

it eventually comes back and meets with the starting point. 


The start is the end, and we hope to share this perspective with all the viewers. 



我們始終相信,意識探索是一個「圓」的體驗。過去、現在、未來,皆為同一個當下。在意識的開端(Id Uttanasana),我們開始了解何為自我,然後經歷、體驗所有註定會發生的大小事(the INEVITABLE),因此而尋找這些所謂「註定」的源頭與脈絡(AS ABOVE, SO BELOW),並與自我和解(AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT ),最後透過每段體驗之中的感悟來淨化自我(CATHARSIS),從而感受到這非線性的「意識存在」。







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